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We are a cross-party, member-led network, providing a single voice for our member councils

‘All areas need to be part of the devolution conversation’

Published: 9 July 2024

The District Councils’ Network has responded to this morning’s Downing Street meeting of regional mayors.

Cllr Sam Chapman-Allen, Chairman of the District Councils’ Network, said:

“DCN welcomes the Government’s early commitment to scaling up and accelerating devolution.

“Communities across the whole of England seek empowerment so that local people can take greater control of the issues that matter to them. This is particularly true of areas outside the biggest conurbations which have not so far been the focus of existing devolution deals.

“We want to see a presumption in favour of devolution in all places, but with devolution footprints taking account of the unique economic circumstances of each area.

“District councils hold levers which are indispensable in creating jobs, improving economic opportunity, addressing skills shortages, tackling inequalities and reviving local pride – precisely the outcomes at the heart of the Government’s devolution ambitions. Districts drive economic development in our places with strong links to local businesses and a track record of attracting inward investment.

“As part of deepening existing devolution deals and agreeing new deals, we encourage the Government to give district councils a full seat at the table as a part of an inclusive approach with all local partners.

“The leaders of district councils look forward to meeting the new Government to build a partnership which can truly empower our areas so we can bring about growth, jobs and prosperity.”


The District Councils’ Network set out its offer on how its member councils can work with the new Government in its Devolution Prospectus, which can be read here: DCN PROSPECTUS – DEVO AND LOCAL GROWTH CHAPTER.

This calls for a deal between central Government and our areas to be built around four themes:

  • Delivering a new deal for local government
  • Prioritising an active and central role for district councils in all future devolution
  • Respect for the sovereignty of district councils
  • Increased funding and powers for local growth.

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